Cleaning Care & Maintenance

Thank you for the purchase of your Lenova luxury stainless steel sink: Lenova uses the highest quality type 304 stainless steel and quality workmanship in manufacturing sinks that will last a lifetime when properly cleaned.

Cleaning your Lenova sink:

  • Do Routine Cleaning
    • Use soap, warm water and sponge. Rinse thoroughly and wipe dry.
  • To Remove Stubborn Stains
    • BonAmi, BarKeeper's Friend or similar non-abrasive products are helpful in removing tough stains. Always rub in the direction of the grain, rinse thoroughly, and wipe dry. Do not ever use steel wool, scouring pads, steel brushes, etc. Their particles may become embedded in the sink surface and cause a rusty discoloration. Do not use harsh alkali (i.e. oven cleaners) or acid detergents (i.e. acid grout cleaners for tile) in the sink.
  • Water Spotting
    • If water is left standing anywhere on your stainless steel sink, it will evaporate and leave a film (spots) on the surface of the steel. This film can be removed with regular dish soap and water and a soft cloth. For removing heavier residue, you may use a mild solution of vinegar and water. Be sure to rinse thoroughly and towel dry.
  • Sink tip: Regularly rinse and towel dry your sink after use to keep its surface exposed to oxygen. (Oxygen reacts with chromium in the steel to form a strong, highly protective chrome oxide film on the surface of your sink. It is this film that makes stainless resistant to corrosion and gives it a remarkably long life.)

  • Scratches
    • Scratches are inevitable in any sink material, including stainless steel. Over time, these scratches will become uniform with the sink’s grain. Lenova recommends the purchase of a customized sink grid to protect the bowl’s bottom. Please contact your Lenova dealer or call Lenova at 1-877-733-1098.